Vyaghreshwar Waterfall is located in Sindhudurg. It is 300 feet height is out of site. It is near Manche which is 30km from Tarle (on Mumbai-Goa highway). Vyaghreshwar Waterfall is visited in rainy season by most of the tourist. Amboli, Napne, and Savdav waterfalls are too attractive too but Waterfall is becoming more popular nowadays. Near Waterfall, an ancient Vyaghreshwar temple is there. Vyaghreshwar temple is also center of trust for many devotees. The only priest can enter in the innermost part of the temple. Devotees usually come on a large scale every Monday during the year. From Vyagreshwar temple the waterfall is at walking distance but we need to go carefully. All the facilities are available nearby as the residence is very close to a waterfall.

Places to visit near Vyaghreshwar Waterfall:

Vijaydurg Fort Vyaghreshwar temple

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