Vijaydurg Fort is located in Devgad Taluka, of district Sindhudurg. Vijaydurg was earlier known as ‘Gheria’ as it is was surrounded on three sides by the sea. It was renamed Vijaydurg after it was conquered by Maratha King Shivaji in 1653 from Adilshah of Bijapur. Vijay stands for ‘victory’ making it the ‘fort of victory’. Shivaji Maharaj developed the 17-acre fort as an important base which was used to harbor and repair Maratha warships. The fort is constructed using laterite stones. Fort is having 10 m high compound wall, about 300 feet away from the fort deep in the sea, served as a defense against attacking ships. Ships collided with the wall and sank. The fort also has a 200 m long tunnel for emergency evacuation. These features of the fort make it highly admirable. The fort was also known as the ‘Eastern Gibraltar,’ because of its imposing presence. There are 27 Buruj (tower) inside the fort of which some have three floors. Vijaydurg fort covers an area of six hectares. Kothi Pirachi Sadar, Kitta Sadar, Jails, Jakhinis Canon, huge stones used for construction purpose, and the platform built in the deep sea for guarding are worth visiting. Vijaydurg Fort is still in good condition and gives a good idea of its glory 300 years back. The fort was considered as a center of Maratha navy in Peshwa Rule. Vijaydurg Fort was a symbol of the power of Maratha navy in Portuguese documents. Vijaydurg Fort is also known as Victory Fort. In the 17th century, Shivaji Maharaj strengthened the fort by adding impressive features including the triple line of huge Fort walls, numerous towers, and the spacious interior buildings.

Places to visit near Vijaydurg Fort :

Palatial house of Dhulap Rameshwar temple

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