Vayangani Beach is located near Vengurla village. Vayangani beach is a secluded beach in Malvan, Virgin, tranquil or remote are the adjectives one can tag along with the beach. A beach may attract a lot of tourists for its open sea attraction. A beach like Vayangani attracts tourists not entirely to the seashore but also for the enchanting location and the greenery that surrounds it. The lush green mango, cashew, and Jackfruit trees cover entire beach stretch. Tender coconuts are available at throw away prices at the beach and sipping water from them in the total bliss of the beach is an experience not to be missed. More than the sand stretch it is the greenery surrounding it that leads an exodus of tourists toward the Vayangani beach. Vayangani offers only homestays and therefore Vengurla or Tarkarli are the best places to stay. Vayangani is also a seaside village where one can share the fragrance of nature.

Places to visit near Vayangani Beach:

Vengurla lighthouse Vengurla jetty Sagreshwar beach

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