Shivgad fort is located at Ghonsari, Phondaghat in Sindhudurg District. Shivgad fort named mentioned in one of the letters on the 18th century. The intention of a letter was to increase security on the fort of attack possibilities of Harekar Sawant. This fort is a major attraction for the adventurous tourists, trekkers. The view of the area surrounding the fort is a major attraction. The terrain and peaks of this region come in contact with Asia's largest known biodiversity for flora and fauna Dajipur Bison sanctuary. Kasarde, Salva, Gagangad and clearly visible from this fort. Goddess Bhavanimata’s Temple remains of some imposing structures. Cannons are also seen inside the fort.

Places to visit near Shivgad Fort:

Vyaghreshwar Waterfall Gagangad Dajipur sanctuary

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