Shiroda Mithagar, Shiroda (Konkani-Shirodem, Marathi-Shiroda) is a small village in South Konkan in Vengurla taluka, Sindhudurg district, (Maharashtra), India, with a long stretch of beach. The famous Vetoba Temple exists here. Shiroda is 17 km. away from Vengurla. One can enjoy this calm place in more than one aspect like social, cultural, historical, nature's beauty etc. is adorned with coconut palm trees, cypress woods, and spectacular sea-shore. Shiroda has a wonderful literary connection with Dnyanapith award winner V. S. Khandekar. He was Marathi litterateur working here as a high-school teacher. He lived here for a long time that he completed the majority of his work in this historic village Shiroda. Tourists’ mecca, Goa is only 7 km. away from this divine spot. In the freedom struggle, Shiroda played its own roll. In Shiroda one can notice Mithagars (the place where salt is created, situated near sea shore). Mahatma Gandhi was leading the Civil Disobedience Movement. He stared this movement in Dandi, Gujarat to end tax imposed on salt by British rulers. A similar act was followed in Shiroda under the leadership of Acharya Dharamand Kosambi, Acharya Jawadekar, Dr. Bhageuwat, Achyutrea Patwardhan, Appasaheb Patwardhan (Konkan Gandhi), Devdas Ranade, Mamasaheb Deogirikar were other stalwarts. This Shiroda version of Civil Disobedience Movement, started on May 12th, 1930, resulted in the arrest of 90 satyagrahis (one who fights for the truth). Satyagrahis had to endure lathi charge by Britishers. This suppression sought its peak on 14th May, but Satryagrahis' strong will proved to be much stronger than British oppression measures.

Places to visit near Shiroda mithagar:

Shiroda velagar beach Redi Ganesh temple Terekhol Fort

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