Sagareshwar beach is considered as an Indian exotic beach which is situated 4km from Vengurla district. This beach is the most secluded and pristine beach where one can spend peaceful and solace moments. It has numerous admirable and religious points which make it more enchanting and worth able place to visit during vacations. Sagareshwar beach is a blue sea beach with white sands and is situated close to Goa. This beach has a pleasant climate with cool sea breezes and usually enjoys a temperate environment all-round the year. Beach has mild cold winters with fresh summers. Even at times, monsoons can be seen at Sagareshwar beach which makes the weather humid. Travelers must ensure the climate report in advance as because during heavy rainfalls high tides occur at Sagareshwar beach which makes incompatible to enjoy any water sports. In addition, this beach is surrounded by fresh and pure oxygen which surely rejuvenates the arrivals. Sagareshwar beach is a home to the ancient and quaint Sagareshwar temple of Lord Shiva. This beach is connected with many districts, therefore, it inhabits various attraction locations nearby. Travelers visiting this beach can spend their hours at some forts which are situated close to this beach. Furthermore, visitors will experience amazing sunset and sunrise views at this beach. Numerous pilgrims visit this beach every year so that they can worship their deities. Some well-known and ancient temples such as Redi Ganesh temple and Vetoba temple lies close to Sagareshwar beach. Also, tourists visiting this beach can even spend their vacations at some other beaches which flows near to it are Mochemad beach and Shiroda Velagar beach.

Places to visit near Sagareshwar beach:

Mochemad Beach Vetoba Temple Shiroda Velagar Beach Redi Ganesh Temple

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