Sadguru Miyan Saheb Durgah is located near Sawantwadi, there is a small place called Kolgaon. He was Born on 18 Feb 1890. His original name was Mohammad Abdullah Rajguru. This great saint was Muslim by birth and religion but attracts devotees from other religion also. He joined the engineering department of Sawantwadi but he doesn't have interest in that field. He was good in spiritual indication from a young age and learned spiritual things from Sitaram Mayekar Maharaj. Sadguru Miyan Saheb believed that all religions are not products but leading to one god. This makes him popular among all other religion. He had great mastery on Marathi Saint Literature. He passed away in 1945. His devotes disciples his memorial in Kolgaon. Yearly celebrations on the occasions of Guru–poornima (full moon) and this great saint's death anniversary.

Places to visit near Sadguru Miyan Saheb Durgah:

Narendra hill. Moti Talao. Sawantwadi Palace

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