Param Poojya Saint Rawool Maharaj had self-immolated himself at this place and temple stands in his memory at Pinguli village. Mutt attracts a large number of devotees throughout the year which includes prominent personalities from India and abroad. Every pilgrim who visits mutt is served Mahaprasad (food)which is a great offering in itself. Rawool Maharaj started his meditation at the age of twelve. Later on, he meditated at his Samadhi Mandir place at Pinguli for the rest of his life. He possessed the power of inner vision and knowledge. The nature of his meditation seems to be wise and grave and used to go on continuously for six months. In the remaining six months he used to wander to preach the God’s word and was gracious to his followers. He showed the people the way of worship and sacrificed himself often for one cause "Welfare of Society". The day when he immolated himself was Wednesday (Dwadashi) January 1985. Since then for 16 years, Pilgrims often visit Samadhi Mandir to seek blessings of Maharaj. They believe that Maharaj gave prosperity to their living. The administration of Mutt today is looked after by his utmost devotee Vinayak Anna Dattaram Rawool. He is responsible for giving Pinguli a status of Rawool Nagri. In between 1986 to 2002, Gaurishankar Temple, Audumbar Mauli Temple, Sabha Mandap, Maruti Mandir, Deepmali and Gurukrupa Temple were erected. Anna says that devotees who never had an opportunity to see the glimpse of Maharaj, but has actual feeling and willingness to carry out duties, obligations and moral values set by Maharaj have helped him to look after all this.

Places to visit near Rawoo Maharaj:

Laxmi Narayan Temple, Rangnagad Fort

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