Rangnagad fort is famous as Prasidhdha Gad in the Maratha history. Sindhudurga is a district which consists of several beautiful forts. Rangnagad is 18 km from Kudal town. Situated in the Sahyadri Mountain on the boundary of Kolhapur and Sindhudurg districts of Maharashtra At the height of 2600 ft above MSL. This fort is among the fifteen forts built during the Shilahar Bhoj’s regime. Shivaji captured Rangnagad in 1659 and made the fort his favorites resting place. This is one of the strongest forts in the region. This fort shows the golden era of the Maratha regime. Fresh Water Lake and Rangnadevi Temple inside the fort are scenic splendors. The fort is standing like an attentive surveillance soldier standing at the most strategic place. From Rangana, forts like Manohar & Mansantosh can be seen. This fort comes under region called as 'Maval Patta'. The nature full of hills & valleys surrounding Rangana is equally attractive. On this fort, Ranganai temple is standing witness to ancient history. One beautiful lake also is there. Some time ago ancient statue from the temple was found stolen.

Places to visit near Rangnagad Fort:

Laxmi Narayan temple Rawool Maharaj

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