Prachin Kokan Museum is located less than a kilometer from the Ganpatipule. Prachin Kokan - A Kokan Kaleidoscope. Prachin Kokan Museum is open air museum which depicts the cultural and religious aspects of Kokan region.It is the largest open air museum in India. Set in a sprawling three acre campus the museum takes you through a snap shot of ancient times in Konkan. Prachin Kokan Museum stretch in three acre campus in Ganpatipule depicting life in ester years in Konkan. A guided tour in the museum takes you through various aspects of life in Konkan in the past. The museum elucidates the social, economic, cultural and relegious background of Konkan.The museum displays the grandeur of the history of Kokan region. With sculptures of the maratha hero 'Shivaji maharaj' depicting historical moments, and models of the amazing sea forts in the Kokan region the museum brings the ingenuity of the Kokan people to fore. Sawantwadi in Kokan is famous for the wood artisans and their handicrafts in wood. Prachin Konkan has a counter for exhibiting the wooden handicrafts, the first of its kind in Ganpatipule , where tourists can purchase memorabilia and souvenirsIt is believed that there are tres assigned to each astrological sunsign. In Prachin Kokan there is a 'Nakshatra Baug' - a garden of trees for each sunsign.Set in a lush green locale the museum is also a paradise for bird watchers. The trees in the museum are home to many species of birds of the region. The museum also attempts to introduce the birds and fish found in this region by way of a small exhibition. Prachin Konkan inagurated on the 15 December 2004 is the brain child of Mr. Vaibhav Vasudev Sardesai who succeeded in not only providing interesting information about Konkan to the tourist but also employment opportunities for the localites. Prachin Kokan - Exclusive Store for Kokan Products Handicrafts Store Paintings of Arun Dabholkar Ayurvedic Products indigehous of Konkan region Kokan traditional Masalas Prayer Conches Natural Honey Wooden Toys - Speciality of Sawantwadi artisans Kokan Speciality Cuisine Prachin Kokan - Konkan Tourism Development and Research centre has an exclusive store where you can purchase indigenous products from the Konkan region.The handicrafts store is the first of its kind in Ganpatipule which showcases the wooden crafts of Sawantwadu wood artisans. The Prachin Kokan store also brings you ayurvedic products made from medicinal plants found only in the blessed land of Konkan. Natural honey from the deep jungles of Konkan is a speciality of Prachin Kokan. Konkan is famous for its delicious cuisines secret of which is the traditional Kokani 'masala'. You can purchase the traditional Kokan 'masala' also from the store.Prachin Kokan also brings you original conches which is an indispensible part of 'pooja'

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