Nivti fort is located to the south of Sindhudurga fort. About 10 km away from Malvan and 15 km from Vengurla. Shivaji Maharaj constructed this fort in order to safeguard the sea route from Karli creek near Malvan to Vengurla. Nivati fort or Nivti fort today is in ruins although some of the walls of the fort are still in good condition. The ground is covered with thorny bushes. The fort is located on the 50m high ground from the sea and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea and the beach. There is a moat around the fort. Nivati fort provides beautiful views of surrounding Bhogave beach and the sea. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built this fort after Sindhudurga. It was then seized by the rulers of Sawantwadi. In 1748, Ismail Khan, serving the Portuguese took over the fort. In 1787 the Chhatrapati of Karveer won the forts from the Sawants. The Sawants took it back in 1803. The British captured the fort on 4th February 1818. While climbing the stone steps of the fort, we can see moat on both sides of the steps, around 20 x 10 feet deep. It’s covered by trees now. The entrance is almost destroyed, with a big bastion and ramparts remaining. If we go to the top from the path to the right of the fort, we can see the ramparts and the moat. From the western point, we can see the wonderful orange colored rocks on the beach. To the right side is the beautiful Bhogve beach. We can also see the lighthouse of Vengurla, situated on “Burnt Rocks”. The citadel is strengthened by moats. The walls are still there, and plinths of some mansions can be seen. In front of the sea facing side of the fort, we can see a rock almost 20 feet towards the sea, called as “Junagad”. One can climb over the same. In the village, we can see water tanks called “Shivaji’s Pond”. Also, the Vetoba temple in Parule village and the carvings seen around are not to be missed.

A place to visit near Nivati fort sindhudurg:

Bhogve Beach Kondura Beach. Laxmi Narayan Temple.

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