Mirkarwad Beach is located very close to the Ratnadurg fort.The one of the famous beach in the Ratnagiri district is the Mirkarwada beach. This beach is the fabulous beach and also the major trading Centre of the Ratnagiri district. This beach is the coastal station for the marine professionals. It is the major trading spot in Ratnagiri for marine industry. Most of the fishes from here are exported to other city markets such as Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bengaluru, and Mangalore. You can find here lot of the colourful fishes which will really surprise you. This place is also the centre of so many religious activities. The silvery sand of this beach is really so beautiful. You can’t expressed the beauty of this glorious beach in only few words. Places to visit near Mirkarwada Beach: Bhagvati Mandir, Bhageshwar Mandir, Kadelot Point, Narmada cement jetty.

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