Kudal is a beautiful town in Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra, India. It is situated on Karli River in southwest Maharashtra. Kudal is the second-largest town in Sindhudurg after Sawantwadi. This beautiful town is considered as one of the most antique settlements of the Konkan Region. It is a famous market for Alphonso Mango, which is exported to different cities in the world. Kudal is also renowned for the annual Jatra Fair which is organized at the Kudaleshwar temple. There is a number of attractions which lure a large number of people every year from all across the country. Kudal is one among the most visited places of the region as well as the state. Therefore, every year a large number of tourists visit this place to enjoy the backwaters as well as the sacred temples of the town and nearby areas. For the convenience of the travelers, numerous hotels and guest houses have been constructed in the region that offers excellent facilities to the guests and that too at reasonable rates. Starting from luxurious to simple hotels, you can get each and everything here although it is a small town of Maharashtra. You will definitely enjoy your stay at the hotels in Kudal. Some of the prominent attractions in the town include the Rangana Garh Fort, Shree Devi Laxmi Mandir, Deo Dongar Machhindranath Mandir, Shree Dev Bhairav Temple, The Shree Maruti Mandir, Shree Devi Bhavani Mandir and St. John Bosco Church. The travel guide to Kudal provides each and every detail about the place. It's headquartered of the district Japanese Architecture has a special influence in its construction. Gavade Wada: Gavade Wada is 150 years old construction. It has 46 rooms all well maintained. It is a tourist attraction for its construction carving & painting.

Oros Dam :

Oros dam is nearby Kudal.Y ou must visit & enjoy your walk in the area.

Datta Mandir :

Datta Mandir is 14 Km from Kudal. This temple was established by Tembe swami very famous among Datta devotees.

Shivapur :

Shivapur is 42 Km from Kudal. This place is a tourist attraction due to its natural beauty. You will see thickly covered hills by dense forests, very fresh & cool air, and pleasant surroundings. In the rainy season, you can watch countless streams of milky water, falling from the hills. The place is famous among bird & animal lovers.

Manohargad & Maansantoshgad :

These two forts made Shivapur a thrilling experience for the trekkers. To watch the deep valley among these two forts is also a thrilling experience. These forts are in the dense forest of Shivapur. Fort Ragangad is 18 Km from Kudal. It is 2600 feet above the sea level. It was built by the Emperor Shilahar Bhoj. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj conquered this in 1959. It was his favorite ‘Rest House’.The beautiful lake & the temple in the fort is also tourist attractions.

Village Nerur :

At the foot of Raganagad is famous for Mahalakshmi temple. Before climbing the fort, the people go to the temple & then climb the fort.

Walawal :

15 Km from Kudal. This place is very famous among tourists. They come here, climb the hills only to watch the beautiful scenery of Tarkarli creek. They also enjoy the beauty of the lake & to pay their respect to Lakshmi - Narayan temple.

Lake Mulade :

5 Km from Kudal on kudal border, famous for natural beauty & Agricultural research center.

Raul Maharaj Math :

It is established by Raul Maharaj. He was a devotee of Datta. This math is blessed with nature. Devotees from all over India visit this math.

Pinguli :

This village is famous for the making of puppets. There are artists in the village who make these shows & they are very popular & known as pinguli artists.

Nerur Kaleshwar :

This temple is the most beautiful & artistic temple. There is ' Shivapindi ' in square form. All the six pillars are decorated with best stone carving. You must visit & appreciate the beauty of the temple. In the same vicinity of the temple, there is a separate temple of Shree Brahmdeo. It is a rare temple of god Brahmdeo. The statue of the god is really marvelous.

Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati Tembe Maharaj Matha :

Shree vasudevanand was born here. He has established a Datta temple here. The renovation of the temple was done by Ahilyabai Holkar in 1938. A large number of devotees of Tembe swami visit here from all over India. There is a good arrangement for lodging & boarding done by the temple trustees.

Akeri Rameshwar :

Akeri Rameshwar temple is near Mangnon and has a very beautiful construction. The pillars are from single black stones, well carved & beautifully polished. There are many things to see in the temple & get astonished. It is a large beautiful temple in the most beautiful surroundings. While going to Akeri from Mangaon on the borders of Mangaon, near Sundar bhatale, you will enjoy the visit to Gangotri

Ragana Fort:

It is in Sahyadri range on the border of districts Kolhapur & Sindhudurg. It was constructed by Shilahar Raja Bhoj. Shivaji Maharaj conquered this fort in 1659. Maharaj uses to rest here while going to Konkan from Pune. The fort has very pleasant air, very large lake for swimmers & very tasty, sweet, cool, fresh water. There is a temple near the lake of Goddess Raganai. Visitors enjoy visiting this fort for many such reasons & so it is a great tourist attraction.

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