Karmarkar Museum located exactly 18 Kms from Alibaug on the Alibaug-Rewas Road. It is located in Bodani, which is approximately 18 km North from Alibag, and near Sasawane beach. Sculptors are made by Late Mr. Nanasaheb Karmarkar which is displayed in his own bunglow.There about 150 beautifully carved sculptures displayed here. The exhibition is open the whole day throughout the week and entry fee is just Rs.5/-. Karmarkar s sculptures are a pleasure to see. There is approximately 200 of them in this museum with Hira Kolin and Shankhdhwani being the most noted ones. You can spend an hour or two here.Person who likes sculptures and historical things would love the place. For art enthusiasts and students of art and sculpture, it is an excellent place to study the influence of early 20th century Art in his work.

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