Kankavli is a reckoning town in Sindhudurg district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Kankavali is the central location in Sindhudurg. The city is situated in between two rivers. There is a temple of Swyambhu Ravalnath and Bhalchandra Maharaj. The thriving green floras together with the majestic waterfalls are definitely a treat for the visitors’ eyes. Both Hindu and Muslim religious shrines are present here. Its Bhalchandra Maharaj temple and a mosque in the neighboring Kalamath rural community are well-known. Kankavli is famous for the perfect blend of natural calmness and lush greenery in its surroundings including several waterfalls. The spot has both effects of Hindu and Muslim religion which makes the place alluring to the visitors. There are many hotels with 24 hr. room service with basic facilities in this region. For relaxation, it has all kind of deluxe rooms with lavish facilities like Jacuzzis, steam baths, ayurvedic massage parlors etc. But advance booking will lead you to a smooth stay. The hotels are located near the excursions from Kankavli.

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