A group of Dutch merchants lead by Leendart Janszoons obtained permission from those rulers to build a fort structure to be used as a storehouse in the year 1639 known as today's Dutch Wakhar. Vengurla was an important port and trading center since ancient times and many foreign powers tried to take control of the town. In the 16th century, the port town was under the rule of Bijapur Sultanate. It is famous for a harbor. The town was used by pirates as their retreat during that period. The construction was build completed in 1655. This structure had forts like walls and bastions and protected by guards and they used canons and guns for the purpose. There was a big trench all around the fort. Inside there were various structures such as a castle, storehouses etc. Due to this trade to Vengurla increase many folds and the town started receiving trading ships from many countries. The Dutch fought with Portuguese over the trade and territorial controls in Goa for which they used the base of Vengurla for supplies. They also built similar but smaller structures in Malvan and Rajapur. But over the time Dutch lost the control due to the navy of Shivaji and increasing trade capacities of the British. The Vengurla colony also did not get any support from the powerful Dutch colony of Batavia (present-day Indonesia). Due to all these reasons, they left the town in 1682 and eventually the town came under the control of Khem Sawant of Sawantwadi and subsequently British. The fort was under their control and they moved the government offices on these premises. The offices were moved to the camp area in the year 1960 and this fort went into negligence. All the rich wooden structures and its parts have been stolen over the time. In 1974 the site has been officially transferred to the Archaeological Survey of India. During the time of the rule of Indira Gandhi, some work was started to restore this site with the help of the Dutch government but they were not pursued further and the site is in total ruins. Painting of  Dutch fort during Dutch period. At present, the fort is in complete ruins. Most of the people in the present day Vengurla don't even know about this place called Dutch Factory or Dachanchee Vakhar as it is known in Marathi.

Places to visit near Dutch Wakhar :

1) Reddi Ganesh Temple - 30 Km 2) Bhogve Beach - 22 Km 3) Sagar Bungalow

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