Devgad Fort is located in Devgad district, Sindhudurg. It has given a name ‘Devgad’ (or Devgarh) of the city and tehsil are derived from this historic fort lying at the confluence of the Arabian Sea and Devgad creek. The fort was built in 1705 by Kanhoji Angre. When the fort was built the site was at the mouth of the creek and was surrounded from all the sides by water. It was thus known as Jazeere Devgad. Change of control of this fort from Marathas to British took place on the date 7th April 1818. When the fort was built it was surrounded by water from all the sides so at the time it was called as "Janjire Devgad"(Janzira means an island in Arabic). It has been spread in 120 acres. There is a Ganesh temple in the fort. Port office is situated in the fort. The lighthouse is situated here with three old cannons. Eastern side of the fort has numerous bastions which are in good condition till date. It is a natural harbor and well-guarded port town. Earlier big ships used to dock at the port jetty. It offers great relief to the tourists who are wary of a hectic schedule. They come here and experience my calming influence over them. I take all their tension away. It is famous for the Alphonso mangoes that are exported all over the world. The mango plantations around Devgad are appealing to eyes and are a great source of fresh oxygen for everyone.

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