Chivla Beach or Chivle is a beach on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra in the Malvan region of the Sindhudurg district. Chivla Beach can be accessed on foot from Malvan. It is a long stretch of beach with white sand and coconut trees, at any given time of the day a couple of fishing trawlers are always parked at the far end of the beach. This long stretch of 1-1.5 kms of clean sands between the Government rest house on left and rocky jutting on the right is a pleasure walk. Like all Konkan beaches this is a clean unpolluted beach. Chivla beach has fisher-folk community living by side. Early in the morning or in the evening one can see and experience the fishermen returning in small boats from fishing expedition. The whole community gathers at the shore to receive and help them in bringing the catch to the shore. In the days of mechanized and trawler fishing this beach has still retained the traditional manual fishing. One can also see first-hand the languid pulling of net spread in the sea to catch the fish. Some 8-10 persons are engaged in this activity and they systematically pull the net out step-by step. Each person doing his assigned duty in rotation with utmost sincerity. This process lasts almost two hours and if you've the patience you can have the rare opportunity of witnessing the fresh silvery fish in the net still live, jumping and dancing moments before death. Like all sea-shores one can enjoy the sunset from Chivla beach. During December to February when skies are clear one can see many shades of colours at the time of sunset. Moonlight makes this beach more splendid late in the night and nocturnal walk on this beach is a memory to cherish. At the main entrance of the beach there is a small chapel welcoming travellers from all faith to offer their prayers. There are also plenty of adventure service providers here who will try to lure the travellers into trying their different water sport options. For those who wish to try some adventure can opt for scuba diving or snorkelling which are the most famous activities around the beaches of Malvan. The ferry to the famous Sindhudurg Fort also starts from this point. The nearby attractions which are famous in Malvan such as Rock Garden and Lord Ganesh temple are in close proximity to the beach. There are plenty of restaurants near the main beach area that serve authentic Malvani food and sea food thalis. Poha, missal pav, prawns thali, jhinga thali, etc are the famous dishes that are served in all the restaurants. Kokam juice is also a famous local drink which is easily available in every restaurant.

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Malvan Beach
Sindhudurg Fort
Tarkarli Beach

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