Bandeshwar Temple is located in Banda a village in Sawantwadi. It's located on the Bombay Goa National Highway No. 17. It is situated on the Sindhudurg (Maharastra) and Goa Border and on the bank of Terekhol creek. Banda’s history and nature are major attractions of tourist. In Adilshaha's reign, Banda was known as "Diwansahebi". It was also known as "Adilabad" but in other periods, the name "Banda" was prevalent. In 1411 A.D. Portuguese invaded Banda and won it. These stand as fine examples of architecture. There is one famous steeple called "Rede Ghumat (Steeple)". In the Adilshahi period, it was known as 'Rose Ghumat'.There is another "Bail Ghumat" which is still standing there with the same glory. It was built in the 16th century. Its 250 feet high. This structure was surrounded with garden (known as "Chaman"). Shri Bandeshwar and Goddess Shree Mauli are the village deity. In Banda, on the high mountain, there is temple and memorial of Shri. Ram Swami. The name of the village is because of God Bandeshwar. There were 12 shivlingas in the temple. Banda is famous for its festival celebrations like Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali. In Banda, there is a small citadel, built in Vijaynagar Empire. Now there is Banda's Police Station.

Places to visit near Banda:

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