Sasawane Beach is a beautiful unexplored beach and lies on the continuing coastline of Awas and Alibaug.. It has the famous Karmarkar studio which is a Tourist attraction.Sasawane village too, has a charm of its own with its beautiful groves of the coconut palm. A good place to visit near Mumbai. The 2 villages are located 18 Kms north of Alibag. Sasawane is famous for the Karmarkar sculpture museum which is worth seeing. From Awas Sasawane beach, Mumbai skyline can be seen during day & at night Mumbai skyline looks like illuminated with lights. The Nagoba Mandir at Awas is worth visiting. The beach being close to the Mandwa Jetty is a popular weekend getaway destination for travelers from Pune as well as Mumbai.

How you can enjoy:

Water sport facility available (except during monsoon) The waves on the beach being relatively and the ocean floor being a flat and rarely undulating surface; it is a safe beach to indulge in water sports or activities like swimming even for kids..

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